Our Journey

We, Global Monarch, have journeyed down a long and successful road, as we continue to progress through our fifth decade as suppliers of various industrial raw materials. We have established our presence as leading business partners in the international and domestic markets, offering diversified products and services to various core manufacturing industries including steel and refractories. With offices in strategic locations across the world and a highly-experienced team of marketing professionals, we have grown our operations to be at par with the world’s leading companies. Today, we are a trusted partner to the world's leading manufacturing companies and have our sights firmly set on leading the way in terms of ensuring best practices and long-term customer satisfaction as we move into the future.

  • Proven Track-Record Of Long-Term Success
  • Excellent Network at International, Government and Individual Levels
  • Experienced Technical & Marketing Professionals
  • Thorough Understanding of Financial, Regulatory and Statutory Frameworks
  • Company Culture of exemplary and fair business practices
  • Dynamic Leadership Sensitive To Market Conditions, Products And Technologies

Hear More From Our President

It has been an exciting journey of 45 years of trading in commodities and happily, has been a reasonably good and comfortable one.

It has taken me around the world many times – I have been fortunate to make lots of friends across cultures, languages, geographies and to hear from all that Monarch is trusted. That connotes a satisfaction more than anything else.

It has been our philosophy to be fair in dealings. I love to relate stories and incidents and so this one about even top quality cars being recalled for faulty windscreen wipers. It can happen but what is important and what I have always conveyed to all customers is that we shall do our best but cannot, and will not, guarantee 100% quality all the time. However, should there be a problem, then we will ensure 100% satisfactory settlement. That is our firm guarantee.

I think that has been the key to our success.

I am certain that this will remain the guide for Global Monarch in the times ahead as well.

Office 518 Block ; A1 Ajman Free Zone Main Office Ajman UAE,
P.O. BOX: 6263